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LAHOME Air Fryer Oven Electric Toaster Oven Rotisserie Convection Oven On Sale Countertop Pizza Oven For Baking Smart oven Multi-Function Toast Bake Broil Airfry Dehydrate Large Capacity Recipe Gift 1300W D20A1 【 PINK OVEN 】

LaHome Air Fryer Baking Toaster Oven

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✅【Powerful 1300W 12-in-1 Super Versatile】Air Fryer Oven- 12 functions:Broil,Hot Air Broil,Toast,Bake,Airfry,Dehydrate. 150-450℉(60-230℃)temperature knob control and 60 mins time knob control,independent controllable built-in Indicator light,easily grasp your Lahome Countertop Rotisserie Oven.Let's do the easy delicious.
✅【20L Capacity - Family Size】 toaster oven has a 20L capacity , removable without taking space.Air frying basket holds up at least 1kg chips.This Toaster Convection Oven Large interior can roast a 2 lb whole chicken,more than 12 chicken wings, bake an 8 inch pizza/cake,6 or more slices of toast.
✅【Efficient,Cook Evenly】360°Rapid-Heat Circulation with an efficient fan and 6 heating elements which is 2 heating elements more than other air fryer toaster oven. The more heating elements,the more even air fryer convection oven's temperature is and the more perfect for cooking.It means your chicken/beef/pork/fish/sausage/chicken wings/pizza or any other food you like are cooked evenly! Crispy, delicious flavors!
✅【Yummy & Safe】Reduce fat by 98% , much healthier! Fry with Hot air instead of Hot oil:choose Air Fryer mode,cook your yummy healthy diet,get the same taste of deep-fried crispiness.You will love your calories-free food.Except 304 stainless steel and food-grade materials, a thoughtful design for safety: this toaster oven stop heating when the door opened and goes on running after the door closed.
✅【stainless steel steam box】which produces micro steam, which can prevent the surface of the food from turning black and scorching. It is the healthiest baking technique!
✅【Best Service and Best Quality】Easy clean, 4 non-slip feet (stable anti-slip, no scratches),high quality materials.We promise our customers the best service. There is a 1-year repair for Bear Air Fryer Toaster Oven. For any questions, or need any help, welcome to contact us! LCD menu, Smart Control!
⭕ 【IMPORTANT】This oven uses dual temperature control, the temperature is precisely controlled to 0.1 degrees, and it has the function of an air fryer. Hot air replaces hot oil, which is healthier. It also has a tiny steam system that can release steam to prevent food from turning black and burning. The most advanced and healthy baking technology, At the same time, it has the function of a food dehydrator, 12 in 1 Multi-function ! thank you very much!

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