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20Bar Pump Pressure Constant Temperature Extraction

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The Difference Between KCB and DONLIM:
✅KCB is Paper English Manual (Not E-mail), Donlim is Paper Chinese Manual!
✅ KCB is English Button and Philippine plug, Donlim is Chinese Button and Chinese plug!
✅ KCB is a Boiler Made in Tsukuba,Japan, and Donlim is a Boiler Made in China.
✅ KCB is a Premium International Version, Mainly Sold in the United States and Europe! Donlim is the Chinese Version and Mainly Sold in China!
✅ The Factory Stipulates That Donlim Products Is Sold in China,Not in Other Countries. Donlim Sold in the Philippines Does Not Have Any Factory Warranty! KCB Sold in The Philippines Has the Factory 1-year Warranty!
So, Please Choose The Worry-Free KCB, This Is a Truly Safe Transaction!
⭕【2021 Factory Upgrade Products】
【1 Year Warranty + Ready Stock + English Manual】
  • 20Bar pressure makes the coffee more fragrant and mellow
  • Italian big Brand-ODE supply Upgrade the Second Generation Italian water pump, safe and durable
  • Precise temperature control, accurate to 0.1°C
  • Material safety: High quality food grade materials come from South Korea Sumsung
  • Production taste: espresso, American, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, etc.
  • Fancy milk froth making system
  • Automatic descaling system to prevent clogging!
  • Warm cup plate
  • Manually adjust the coffee strength to suit different tastes
  • Amount of steam adjust as you like
  • Steamed coffee powder can quickly extract coffee powder and deep extract of CREMA
  • Detachable water tray for easy cleaning
  • Automatic overheating protection
  • Automatic steam pressure protection
  • Applicable scene: Home/Office

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