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7L Dough Mixer Dough Machine Standing Dough Machine

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This is the English version, other shops are Chinese version
This is English panel, English manual, new generation motor


❤Seiko electric motor, durable, safe and energy-saving

❤304 stainless steel, easy to clean, safe, healthy and effortless

❤The control panel uses an advanced touch screen, the mechanical buttons are canceled, completely sealed, will not get water, dustproof, sensitive and durable!

❤settings intelligent program settings, you can choose flour mixing and automatic constant temperature fermentation program

❤The base is stable, the bottom suction cup design, low noise, strong support, save space, and reduce vibration when stirring.

❤The mixing program simulates the method of manually kneading the dough. The cross-shaped conical top cover can press the dough to make the dough softer and more tensile

❤Efficient, pure copper, energy-saving motor, turbo lever, reliable, durable, strong power, can better mix the dough

❤ Each time you can knead 0.5-2.2kg of flour to meet different needs.

❤ Especially suitable for making bread, pastries, noodles, pizza, dumplings, biscuits, buns, spaghetti and other pasta

【IMPORTANT】: Please don‘t buy inferior food mixers. Their motors are aluminum wire motors. Our product is a pure copper motor. The life span is more than 5 times longer than them. It is more power-efficient. We use Korean high-quality stainless steel, definitely not industrial stainless steel. , Because industrial stainless steel contains heavy metal lead, which is harmful to the body!

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